11 definitions by mei0023

Adj. Cheap, poorly made, ghetto.
I got this donkey-ass car that fell apart on the thousandth mile.
by mei0023 April 7, 2005
1.) On top of things, in control of the situation

2.) Incredibly good-looking, referring to males
She ran exactly on schedule... she's on point.

Holy SHIT he's on point! Look at that ass!
by mei0023 April 6, 2005
A girl who's slept with so many men that her anus and/or vagina is stretched beyond normality, thus "gaping"
She's not a virgin, she's a damned gaper.
by mei0023 April 7, 2005
Riding in the trunk of someone's car due to lack of room.
Erika's tiniest, she gets to ride dead hooker.
by mei0023 April 7, 2005
A large game played over an extended period of time, usually by 10 or more people, and typically set in a college dorm. Players are secretly assigned the name of another player to "assassinate," that is, squirt with a water gun when the target is not looking and when no one else may see the shot. When the target is assassinated, the assassin inherits the target of the deceased, thus closing the circle. The game continues until only one assassin remains.
Jan assassinated Meredith, then got Cindy since she was Meredith's target, and is now chasing Giacomo and running from Tyler. What a game!
by mei0023 April 7, 2005
1.) Ugly, busted , usually referring to a girl.

2.) To vomit from drinking too much alcohol, especially tequila.

3.) To kick a player out of an IRC or chat room, or online video game.
Dude, look at her. She mad boot.

Shit man, I just finished my tenth shot, I gotta boot!

will sum1 make that n00b stfu and boot him?
by mei0023 April 6, 2005
Home of Kevin Smith and sight of the "New Jersey trilogy," consisting of all five Jay and Silent Bob movies.
I'm bored. Let's hit Red Bank and chill on broad street.
by mei0023 April 7, 2005