Poop comprised of well-formed pieces, usually 1-3 in number, that are excreted quickly and with very little effort, and which generally require very little toilet paper usage afterwards. Ass Potatoes are similar in texture to Ass Nuggets, which are usually smaller and greater in number, and the antithesis of Ass Bread.
I just took a dump, and since I'm in a hurry, I was pleased when it turned out to be two quick ass potatoes instead of a bunch of ass bread.
by Andrew June 16, 2006
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a guy who hogs his gf's ass and doesnt let his freind have a turn.
you are such an ass potato! u promised i could have a turn too!
by nobody else here October 16, 2017
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Small to large blisters, rectal warts, lesions or other growths occurring around the rectum. Their presence gives the affected area the appearance of a potato. The darkness of the rectum serving as the dark hide of the tuberous vegetable, and the warts, blisters & lesions serve as the "eyes" of the potato. If the inflicted individual has "bleached" their rectum they are then referred to as "Golden Ass Potatoes."
I was just about to perform anal sex on this hot cougar in the bed of her truck, but when she spread her cheeks I could see ass potatoes!
by Paul Hate April 29, 2011
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Turd. The implication is that the turd is large and bulky, like a potato.

Can also be used as an insult, which connotes "lazy," as in "couch potato."

Bob: "Hurry up in there."

Dave: "Dude, I'm right in the middle of an ass potato."


Sheila: "Did we get those numbers from the main office yet?"

Juanita: "Nah, those ass potatoes are always late."
by Xtofer January 12, 2009
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