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A long, sticky gooey crap that takes forever to get out of you anus and requires about half a roll of toilet paper to wipe up afterwards (in may even require a re-wipe later). It has the consistency and texture of Play-Doh being pumped out of that extruder thing-a-ma-jig. Ass bread makes you want to never take a shit again. Ass bread is the antithesis of Ass Nuggets and Ass Potatoes.
I was at a bar talking with this really hot chick when I had to take a dump. Wouldn't you know, it turned out to be the worst load of ass bread I've ever had. Why couldn't it have been just a few ass nuggets or potatoes?!I was gone so long when I finally got done she had left. Damn I HATE ass bread!
by Andrew June 16, 2006
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