Attracted to the same sex in a romantic way, but not necessarily in a sexual way. Often used by asexuals.
Ted: Dude, Jed is totally checking me out. You think he wants to do me?
Ned: Nah, he's homoromantic, not homosexual.
by theflying_clubcup January 25, 2009
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A person that is sexually attracted to both genders but emotionally/romantically attracted to people only of the same gender
"Lizzie liked to lust after and have sex with both men and women but she could only see herself in a relationship with a woman. This meant that she was a homoromantic bisexual"
by Pandamoniumm May 13, 2014
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Someone who is romantically attracted to the same gender but is only sexually attracted to them if they share a strong bond with each other.
I'm a Demisexual Homoromantic female who is happily taken!
by Mon-Draws December 24, 2017
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a person who's interested in only sexual or platonic relationships with people outside of their gender.

homoromantic pansexuals CAN have sexual or platonic relationships with a person of any gender, but are not interested in romantic relationships with people outside of their gender.

i'm a homoromantic pansexual and i've had sex with men and gnc people, but i'm in no way interested in having a relationship with people who aren't women.

an easier way to describe it is like being aromantic towards everyone but women.
angela: i'm a homoromantic pansexual

derek: so you won't date me but you're willing to have a sexual or plantonic relationship with me?

angela: yes. i, woman, am only interested in having romantic relationships with women. i can also have sexual and platonic relationships with women, but i would not have a romantic relationship with a man or gnc person.
by homoromantic pansexual August 26, 2017
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A person who is sexually attracted to all people regardless of gender or lack thereof, but is only emotionally/romantically attracted to individuals of the same gender.
"Naomi is a homoromantic pansexual. She's screwed Dylan and that transwoman Denise, but she only wants to date girls!"
by SammyScreamsRawr June 7, 2012
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Heterosexual-Homoromantic: Sexually and romantically attracted to the opposite gender but romantically attracted to the same gender
I am heterosexual-homoromantic meaning I like women sexually and romantically but I like men romantically.
by FemboyFurryBirosexual February 18, 2021
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Emotional and/or physical attraction felt towards the same sex in the absence of sexual desire. It is generally an orientation used amongst asexuals.
Homoromanticism in asexuals is less common than heteroromanticism.
by Ebutuoy December 7, 2010
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