the game is pretty good but the fandom fucking sucks ass
Person 1: "Friday Night Funkin is SO GOOD BFxPICO IS CANON UWU bf likes to be fucked in the ass!!"
Person 2: "wtf"
by vladebil April 8, 2021
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A game where a midget who is vocally impaired gets into rap battles for a literal demon to love him.
Man 1: Do you like Friday Night Funkin?
Man 2: Dude you're about to be executed and those are your last words?
by jvyhmgnjdsBfc May 25, 2021
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A game that’s kinda like Dance Dance Revolution but with a keyboard. This game can be found on Newgrounds. There is also levels called “Weeks”. There is currently 4 weeks in Friday Night Funkin.
Guy one : Hey have you heard of Friday Night Funkin?

Guy two : No. what is that game?

Guy one : It’s like DDR but on keyboard! It’s really cool! You should try it!
by Ch1ck3nNugg3t December 28, 2021
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Friday Night Funkin' (shortened to be FNF by the public) is a rhythm game developed by NinjaMuffin99, with art by PhantomArcade & EvilSk8tr, and music by Kawai Sprite, the game was made in 2020 of December. It took inspiration from other popular rhythm games like PaRappa the Rapper, DDR etc., It currently has 7 weeks up to play on Newgrounds,, and other platforms probably I have no clue :(

In FNF, you play as a blue haired 19 year old called Boyfriend (most of the time, the fandom calls him Keith, which is NOT his canon name) who is trying to get approval of his girls dad to date her.

The current 7 weeks are:

-Daddy Dearest (tracks are Bopeebo, Fresh, and Dad Battle)
-Spooky Month (tracks are Spookeez, South and Monster)
-Pico (tracks are Pico, Philly Nice, and Blammed)
-Mommy Must Murder (tracks are Satin Panties, High, and M.I.L.F)
-Red Snow (tracks are Cocoa, Eggnog, and Winter-Horrorland)
-Hating Simulator (tracks are Senpai, Roses, and Thorns)
-Tankman (tracks are Ugh, Guns, and Stress)

The newgrounds game has achieved a large fandom, with over 2000 mods in the modding community. A full version of the game is also currently being worked on !! The Kickstarter of "FNF: the full-ass game" has reached its goal with the fans help, so many more weeks are to come for FNF :)
If you want more info on the game, visit the fandom wiki for fnf and you can check out more info in trivia !!
Person 1: hey dude ! Have you heard of a cool game called Friday Night Funkin'?

Person 2: nope

Person 1: you should try it, its on Newgrounds.

Minutes later..


Person 2: I know, right ?
by Pr0f3ss10nalCl0wn July 17, 2021
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Dance Dance Revolution but it's Parappa the Rapper but it's made in Flash
Guy 1: Friday Night Funkin is a pretty good game, but I can't get past Week 4!
Guy 2: Git gud
by ElecWaffles January 6, 2021
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