Usually a stud with a big dick. Mostly likely gets all the hoes as soon as he steps in the room. There's really nothing negative about this person guys wanna be him chick wanna suck his dick off.
Girl#1: Holy shit that guy is fuckin fine.
Girl#2: No shit he's a fucking ARCE.
by Kawmik January 26, 2011
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The male act of slowly backing up while urinating into a toilet in order to aim slightly upward and achieve a half-circle appearance of urination into stated receptacle.
-"Hey, you spent a lot of time in there, what were you doing?"
-"I mastered the arc"
by MMAextremehumping January 7, 2011
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Asynchronous Romantic Connection. A text-based loving relationship, typically characterized by extreme distance, time zone or life circumstances keeping the partcipants apart.
It's been a drag since Carina was shipped overseas, but our ARC is strong -- so I'm hanging in!
by jayseeare February 4, 2015
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The area in the small of a females back which creates a bow shape. Most notible when female is laid on shoulders, not hands.
note: see krystal steal

"yo, homeboy imma force the arc on that girl tonight"
by k4l September 3, 2008
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Thick Girl, when she walks into a room all the boys are staring at her.
Damn she thick like Arce
by User776984 April 12, 2020
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THE ARC is a raiding/hacking group created by Sino. It's made up of a bunch of random people from other groups. The server is always fucking dead because Sino doesn't give a shit about the server and only cares about trying to bully "new-gens" or larping because it's "fun." THE ARC was originally a Google Hangouts group from 2017. THE ARC always dies because all they can do is chimp around while Sino is the only one who can do shit even though all he does is report with his very bad toxxing skills or cries to his friends to help him. Whenever THE ARC gets fucked by another group it just rebuilds fast because that's the only thing Sino is good at besides skidding code or playing his degenerate Gayshit Impact game.
User 1: THE ARC is so dead.
User 2: That's because Sino is busy watching his degenerate hentai.
by Reeeel HA Member!!!1111!! October 11, 2021
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