amazing sweet person who makes me laugh all the time and knows how to make everyone smile without trying he really is the best <3
arc arc the penguin!
by ibuttockz August 31, 2018
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v. - to ejaculate

(O&A Show slang, ca. 2001)
I went to Grace Park and arced all over the hooker's face for some bezzle.
by KarlFaust February 23, 2005
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Belle's ghetto way of spelling "ark".
When my house flooded I prayed to Saint Yummy for an arc.
by Bellerina November 20, 2003
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High Voltage to your Subwoofers, Hitting the highest decibals in car competitions.
Damn Dog! That shit is arcing!
by Ray1977 October 4, 2013
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Advanced reader copy. A free, not-quite-final version of a book often distributed to reviewers or book convention attendees.
I loved getting to read an ARC of the next book of the series, but there were a bunch of typos in it.
by zenzen March 13, 2008
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A nice,smart, and funny girl who anybody would be lucky to have. She is also very beautiful.
Guy 1: Hey I saw you talking to that girl

Guy 2: Yay I got her number she is definitely an Arceli
by Spiderpool14 July 16, 2017
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A part of a story line. Used all the time by the web comics Jack and Idiots in the Park.
The new Idiots in the Park arc is hillarious!
by Salvatore D'Addio February 21, 2005
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