When school systems are too lazy to let kids go back to school, and too lazy to even try to do virtual learning, they rely on "Asynchronous Learning" where they let the kids teach themselves.
Why is that kid dumb as fuck?
It's because he did Asynchronous learning.
by BTAR December 15, 2020
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When one party quits their job without the other's consent; ie, getting fired or quitting without prior notice. Wordplay on 'asynchronous design'.
Did you hear about Bob's asynchronous resign? His boss must have hated him!
by jellington90 October 18, 2015
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A conversation one engages in with oneself in a way which resembles the way one converses with oneself or with a different individual, only this type of self-conversation takes place in the present but with a recording of one's words made in the past.
To participate in an asynchronous self-conversation one needs to listen to an audio recording of things one said in the past, and can either speak to the individual speaking in the recording acknowledging that one is speaking to oneself, or pretend one is speaking to someone other than oneself. Asynchronous self-conversations work surprisingly well and can be enlightening because as time progresses every individual changes. Therefore, at 12:00 P.M. (noon) no one is thinking or feeling the same things they were thinking and feeling at 11:59 A.M. ( one-minute ago ). Listening to a recording of a word one said is a type of Asynchroneous Self-Conversation.
by but for October 21, 2017
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A severe medical condition. The inability to sync with anyone due to extreme introversion.
I just can't seem to find the right match, i may have Asynchronitis.
by Scraftyy September 22, 2022
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An office-employee writing answer letters on a typewriter in response to electronic mail or other communications.
French Company GOA in response to Database Failure:

A: To reduce the load on the database server we have an asynchronous system. What this means is that when you put your details in, the system will store it, another system will then check it and confirm the details to you. This means the whole system is much smoother.
by HorzaSe September 8, 2008
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