Pathos is the positive force that exists everywhere in the universe, its polar opposite being logos.
No such thing as good and evil, only pathos and logos, respectively.
by Richard Facé October 21, 2013
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A slang term for a pink disposable razor with flowers on it.
I shaved this weekend with a pathos.
by htp April 25, 2003
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My mom says I look good in leather.

Also, belongs in fyad
So I told my mom something I shouldn't have. Now pathos.
by htp March 13, 2003
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something that evokes pity, sorrow, compassion
my best friends cat died overwhelming me with pathos.
by angel March 21, 2005
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something that a guy calls a girl he loves. (hindi)
patho, mere saath chalogi kya?
by S_1 April 26, 2007
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Source of the word "pathetic." An almost predetermined likelihood that events will play out in a certain way. Resistance is futile (pathetic)... the 'stupidity' of trying to change things that are obviously going to go in a certain direction.
Manfred was overcome by the pathos in Hamlet.

Jimmy saw the oil all over the road right in front of his car, so he stomped on the brakes and turned the wheel to avoid the concrete wall on the other side. How pathetic.

by Anonymus Bosch June 28, 2006
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