To sell some drugs on the black market.
Todd's been pedaling mad meow meow over the past few months and is filthy stinking rich.
by A Soap Bar December 17, 2015
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That's how bulgarians call Azis
"Azise, golyam pedal si!"
by EdnoVicky February 11, 2021
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A person who is an asshole. He also likes to steal metal objects and his name is Ilqn. He also drives a Skoda Fabia which is powered by three hamsters. His favourite food is mayonnaise and dick.
ilqne pedal dolen stiga kra!
by xxx_pu55y_destroyer_xxx November 4, 2020
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In Polish - definition for a gay or homosexual
Pierdolony pedal! - Fuckin gay!

Tomek: Lubisz go? - do u like him?
Darek: Nie... - nah
Tomek: Dlaczego? - why not?
Drake: Bo to pedal! - cuz he is a gay!
by zapek April 26, 2007
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It is an Bulgarian word that is a slur, but if you are a bulgarian, you can say it, if you are non Bulgarian, then you cant say it
by GotiniqBavnqr64 September 9, 2022
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When one takes their foot and rubs it into a womans crotch
I was pedaling this chick before she JP'ed me
by Anonymous June 1, 2003
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Someone’s child that is shaped like peppa pig
Hanna: ew ur child’s a pedal
by Ruby Oh’mara November 12, 2020
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