So this person is an amazing person who you should rate cuh she real nice yno. She ain't the pengest tbh (she's ayyt) and her personality is amaing fam. Much love to evry Arabe out there cuh we all know she's weirdly strangely amazing :D If yno an Arabe, don't let her go! Top tip: Be nice to her cuh she get pissed quicker than Usain Bolt's 100m. If you a bitch, she's bitchier. You a cunt, she's cuntier. You peng, she penger. U sexy, she sexier. U nice, she nicer. U ugly, she's not as ugly as you x Anyways, she's an angel from Heaven and a devil from Hell. (AKA: The most amazing person you can ever know :D)
That girl, Arabe, is one of a kind yno....
by me_dabest January 15, 2018
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