A much better version of Mike Ock, more convincing as a real name. Sounds like "my cock" when said casually. Look it up on ebaumsworld to see a good prank.
I'll never forget the time I beat Mike Hawk at a wrestling tournament. And I'd like to thank Mike Hawk for always standing up for me.
by Thuza February 16, 2006
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A Rather humorous way of saying : my cock :

Damn man, Mike Hawk is sore from last night

Mike Hawk is bigger than Yurk Hawk XD

Don't you just like Mike Hawk

by Darien the brinter. February 3, 2009
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everyone loves mike hawk. mike hawk is the best . mike hawk is very good . even a daniel likes it
i like mike hawk
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mike hawk is a prank name used as a joke between people
but the joke is saying it fast and it sounds like my cock
an example

knock knock
whose there
mike who
mike hawk
by cokehain June 16, 2023
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some corny word a middle schooler puts in kahoot!
teacher: who put “mike hawk” as their username

classmate: giggles

other student: stfu that’s not funny at all
by greedier jesus January 6, 2022
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A clever way to get someone to say "My Cock's Small" out loud
Erik - "Hey John, read this" *passes over a piece of paper with 'Mike Hawk's Mall' written on it*

John - "Mike Hawk's Mall?"

Erik - Haha. Your Cock's Small. Now I no longer wish to associate myself with you because you admitted your penis is not large.
by mikehawksmall June 3, 2009
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