Teleporting is slang for giving a handjob, primarily used in the Ypsilanti/Flint Michigan area by youths.

Usually, teleporting happens when people run out of money and still need to get somewhere. Usually, the person will make a deal with someone like a trucker to get where he needs to go.
Out of money, young Matt had to return home to Tecumseh, so he decided to go teleporting instead of walking.
by VinmanX69 May 26, 2006
When you hit 88 while on an airplane.
Muff: Bro, what time does your plane leave for Key West?

Anthony: After I leave the airport bar.

Muff: Are you going to be drunk?

Anthony: Yea bro, I'm teleporting to the keys.
by My first abortion tickled August 6, 2010
To go from one place to another without any recollection. Usually occurs after excessive alcohol has been consumed.
I teleported last night from the bar to the taco shop to my bed. I woke up not knowing how i arrived home, looked out the window and saw my car.
by MzJu February 5, 2008
When part of you but not all of you teleports.
Steve used his teleportation device, Steve was not standing in the right place when the device switched on, this caused teleportion to occur and this is why Steve now has no hands.
by TheDreamMaker November 19, 2011
The ability to jump nigh-instantaneously from one location to another.
A TB would be an example of something with the ability of teleportation.
by Srž Tanjur July 29, 2006
the ability to move instantly from place to place using ONLY YOUR MIND. basically the sweetest superpower ever
I teleported into the bank and took all the money then teleported to Amsterdam and bought some fat pounds then to the Bahamas to smoke it!

-why teleportation is the best
by muusbolla January 13, 2009
Something that you use on bread for 3 days
I've done nothing but teleporting bread for 3 days

by Rockyman3 May 11, 2020