Someone from the Western Culture. Mostly from USA, Canada, Europe (Not East Europe, except Greece which started the Culture), Australia, NZ.

The majority of them are Christians and Atheists.

Also some people think that Japan is also a Western Culture. Wrong. Japan is an Eastern Culture with Western elements because of USA's invasion after WW2.
Suspected al-Qaida militants have killed three westerners in the past week in the Saudi capital
by masongr June 11, 2014
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A state of being, when shits gettin wild. During this state things tend to get dangerous, loud, and drunk.
Lets kick this shit up western!

Ohhh man soooo western out here with all those horny drunks
by jon jergenstein January 07, 2012
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Western. To have a bad day or a bad experience.
Originated from western supermare, to have a western
Oli. Just drop his phone and broke it.
Max. You are having a western mate!
Oli. Yer big western!
by Ed smythe February 07, 2011
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Situational escalation to the point that one might consider using violence or gunfire like in the old west.
If that db doesn't pay me back, shit could get western!

When she caught her husband cheating,it got a little western!
by JessMClark January 28, 2009
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Some rich cultural traditions are just too interesting for most Americans so they have to westernize them.
by Voluspa February 23, 2009
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Where whilst having sex as the guy reaches climax he pulls out, shouts "draw", and "shoots" all over her face
I was having sex with my girl the other day, and I pulled The Western on her
by 1ManBand April 01, 2011
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