1. A word used when someone is being spoken to, but either disagrees with what is being said or is very uninterested with the entire conversation.

2. Anyway = Go to Hell
Person 1: Uh-huh, Cyclops could totally kick Wolverine's ass!

Person 2: Anyway...


Person 1: So, I was at the department store yesterday, and I saw this awsome pair of shoes that would go so well with that new purse that I got last week...

Person 2: Anyway...


Person 1: OMG, my daddy just bought me a Lexus for my graduation present...

Person 2: *Sigh* Anyway...
by Robrandt July 13, 2006
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What can be used to forget a string of horrible words/general awful comment
Person 1: I rammed a dead baby into my anal cavity today, then popped the fucker out with a barium enema.
Person 2: Anyway... How's college working out for you?
by Crazycunthair November 22, 2007
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Like when someones is pissing you off and you wanna throw shade or like when you make a point and you wanna throw shade. Like you get it, ok anyways
*shant being fake*
Me: anyways
by Moneyyyyyyy August 19, 2018
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misuse of anyway, never the less, an excuse to change topics, fuck off mofo
male:hey there seksy sugar!
male:(well at least she didn't slap me)
bitch:anyways, before i bitch slap yo ass back to yo mo's
male:well why don't you just anyways yourself!
by shitastic October 11, 2004
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a word to change a subject when things get awkward and very silent
girl 1: so yeah.....
me: uhm anyways
by i- January 29, 2020
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um... basically just a cooler and better version of the word anyway.
Sonja is so unbelievably awesome, smart and pretty. Anyways I really, really, really like Sonja a lot.
by Um…. definitely not mark? January 09, 2005
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Another, more informal, form of the word anyway, it is known as American English rather than British English, however it is still a word. (taken from Merriam-Webster dictionary)
Who does that guy think he is anyways?
by ATrumbleee January 01, 2016
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