Anyways is an overused word that Skit always says in his groupchat whenever he moves on from one point
Ricegum eats ass
by Vik/Skit October 13, 2017
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Originally something said to transition from one topic to another, nowadays (and especially among some younger people) it seems to be used as a rather rude way of restricting one another's ability to speak their mind at all.
Person 1: Why did you steal my jacket?

Person 2: Because I can!

Person 1: How many times do I have to tell you not to touch my stuff unless you ask?!

Person 2: ANYWAYS...
by 120 day school year November 02, 2020
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A word used by the headboy to avoid or change the topic in order to prevent his real feelings from coming out.
Used to stop the conversation from getting into deep topics
Why do you feel that way?
I donno, i just, anyways.
by lillyvodka April 07, 2020
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