a pretty sweet game where you get to lift/ flick your freinds nipple upward and yell GIMME ONE! then they have a right to do it back. its a neverending game.. plus iif a girl does it to you.. your aloud to do it back.
me: hey jared * lifts nipple* GIMME ONE!
jared:ahhhh my niple GIMME ONE * brings pain upon my nipple*
by taaraa March 19, 2005
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Give me a quicky, meaning I will give you a quick blow job or handy
boy *snapchats girl*
" can you please give me one now, quicky!"

Slutty girl *snapchats boy"
"Yea sure!"
by Poo bum diddly thumb November 24, 2013
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Can you give me one more day.” Is resembling how you don’t need to just think of the biggest steps mankind has to offer for you, just focus on the small steps, the minute things and just enjoy life. Be you, dont plan absolutely everything out. Go with the flow.
“Im not asking you for a month, a year, a decade, a millennium, or eternity, but can you give me one more day. Can you give me one more day.”
by -apollo. July 16, 2023
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For qualified riflemen: taking a firing position and, within five seconds, triggering one carefully aimed shot that connects with its target.
When I approached the firing line, the range officer said in a low tone, "Drop and give me one".
by Ironsmanshooter June 27, 2017
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