a pretty sweet game where you get to lift/ flick your freinds nipple upward and yell GIMME ONE! then they have a right to do it back. its a neverending game.. plus iif a girl does it to you.. your aloud to do it back.
me: hey jared * lifts nipple* GIMME ONE!
jared:ahhhh my niple GIMME ONE * brings pain upon my nipple*
by taaraa March 19, 2005
Give me a quicky, meaning I will give you a quick blow job or handy
boy *snapchats girl*
" can you please give me one now, quicky!"

Slutty girl *snapchats boy"
"Yea sure!"
by Poo bum diddly thumb November 24, 2013
For qualified riflemen: taking a firing position and, within five seconds, triggering one carefully aimed shot that connects with its target.
When I approached the firing line, the range officer said in a low tone, "Drop and give me one".
by Ironsmanshooter June 27, 2017