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A wet patch left on bed sheets by a women's vaginal discharge during sexual intercourse.
'Your turn to sleep on the wet patch tonight.'
by Nick21 June 20, 2006
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When you sit on a chair at school for about an hour and you pack all your things away, stand up and look down at your chair and there is a wet patch in the middle of the chair where your vagina was and where the discharge came out.
" oh great we have to put our chairs up. i will have to wait a minute until my wet patch goes. "
by tina45 February 14, 2008
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The dreaded sticky, and usually ice cold patch, in the bed created when a gay guy either:

- misses the other guy during mutual masturbation and instead cums over the sheets, or

- after successfully shooting his load over the other guy's chest it is caused by the dribbling of the cum down their sides and onto the bed.
Guy 1: 'Why is it always me that gets to sleep in the wet patch?'
Guy 2: '*sniggers* Try aiming better next time!'
by Neo Phoenix May 18, 2012
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An artist run initiative, where the artists often work on the spot or in an impromptu gallery/non gallery space making art accessible to a wider/more varied audience.

The first was in 2004 by Marcela Ordonez and Mark Shorter, with Marcela co-ordinating further Wet Patches.

The most recent is Doodles and Noodles, held in Newtown, NSW, 2011.
"Careful there's a Wet Patch..."
"Are you going to sign up for Wet Patch? There's a Doodles and Noodles show happening!"
by Frillyfanae July 29, 2011
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