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A girl who is beautiful and intelligent and hilarious to be around. The bestest friend anyone could ever ask for. She is also a girl who is great in bed and knows how to get to someone's heart quickly. She is easy to love and the best person you could ever hope to meet. Everyone should strive to be like Ekaterina, as she is the model human being.
My best friend's name is Ekaterina. Man, I wish I was more like her...
by loverofloveitself November 02, 2014
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a russian girl who is quirky, amazing amoung other things.
she will drink you under the table, play with your heart and can make the most delicious pancakes. who wouldnt want that. and yes you guessed it she is good looking and smart enough to know it. one hell of a friend. and a little, just a litte crazy.
"that chick wishes she was a ekaterina"
by passionpit188 August 17, 2011
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A lady with a wild streak. She likes to get freaky with a bit of wine or a big boy- often both. Ekaterina will be a deceptively reserved sweetheart: quiet on the outside, but constantly drunk and hunting for love on the inside. Really hot also. Like super hot. One of the hottest. Like dayummmmm.
There is nothing better than going to Eastern Europe with an Ekaterina
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by AvidTraveller February 20, 2017
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