A unicorn-hyena hybrid that can replace anything you want it to like a cup, a saucer or even tea!. Usually a female, but some rare males in the species have been found including the famous Uncle Anu in Tinkle.
Oh! I saw Anu in the Amazon!

No way, I saw THE Anu in Egypt!
by GranLovesMe July 26, 2010
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a weird Indian chick who has no swag and is a pile of poop.
ew. anu's are weird.
by guest1234 March 25, 2012
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Anu is a loveable rogue. Brave and loyal, he wears his heart on his sleeves, which are always a bit too short. Intelligent and philosophical, he'll talk the hind leg off a donkey and convince it to converse with the gods.

Anu is a lover and a fighter, deep and irreverent, beautiful to his bones.

Can be moody and erratic with idle hands.
"I had a really inspiring conversation today with this guy, he was a real Anu"
by McFari December 06, 2018
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a blonde haired girl loving anal sex rather than "the usual hole"
oh Anu, give me Your Anus !" - "Yes I will, fill it up, fuck it hard !
by assmaster666 November 25, 2010
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It where you poop shit out of. Hurts somtimes other times it doesn't...

Well, Somebody said Wow You don't know the defination for anus. And it was like Yes i do... It's where woman urnate at.. But then i looked at urban dictionary and found the real def... Btw, woman pee out of there vagina.
by Sir Ryan Of berrien March 06, 2007
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