An insult you use when someone is being a douche bag or won't do something for you.
Mike: hey can you pass me that crayon?
Cameron: naaaaw man
by Brikalyn January 07, 2014
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Participants each take a picture of their anus. All pictures are then hung on a wall and everyone tries to guess which anus belongs to who.
Billy: Who's anus do you think that is?

John: Oh, it looks frequently used, it must be Phil's.

Billy: Damn, I love anus night.
by anuS Man Doctor March 06, 2014
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When a man wearing a strap on is pegging another man while the dude getting pegged reaches back between his legs and jerks off the guy with the strap on... to completion.
I put on a strap on and did the anus bhutt.
by Anusbhutt September 01, 2015
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A nugget of feces taken from the depths of the Anus. If fermented correctly the Anus nugget will be crispy and brown on the outside and warm and gooey on the inside and shall be ready for consumption. If fermented badly and consumed, can result in earlobe combustion or toxic saliva. Anus Nuggets can often be found at the bottom of a chicken bucket at KFC or several bank vaults.
"Wanna touch my anus nuggets, they're very juicy."
by SirNugget69 December 01, 2018
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The sensation that one's sphincter is actually aflame, usually occurring after eating bad tex-mex, taking a really nasty shit, or pulling the Steve-O Bottle Rocket stunt from JACKASS NUMBER TWO...
GUY1: Dude, why did I have to go to Chipotle on my lunch break? Now I've got to sit through this board meeting with my heinous anus! My Asshole must look like a cigarette burn on the Sunday morning comics!
by Mjolnir12982 April 18, 2010
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A congenital deformity in which the buttocks can open up like the shells of a clam, with anus inside as a clam would be inside clamshells.
He dropped his shorts and then made everyone in the locker-room pass out from the sight of his clamshell anus.
by wiginpen February 15, 2004
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