A cute and innocent way of saying Good night. Usually used in discord servers and other communities that have uwu culture
User 1: Oh look at the time uwu its 2 am and I have class tomorrow. Im gonna sleep nini

User 2: nini cutie!
by Riler1599 June 8, 2020
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A girl that is cute, crazy at times, somehow angelic due to her randomness and her charisma. This person is hard to be known at first, once she opens up on you, you'll be surprised that how funny and attractive this person can be. Prefered to be called Nini (read : sloth) and this person is adorable to the max.
Cute charismatic adorable, innocent, random in cuteness

John: go search your name in ud

Nini: ok

1. (Nini) is a very cute girl.

2. She is like a cat
3. She can be annoying sometimes, but that's what makes her adorable
by You don't know me, or.. Idk December 28, 2017
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Spanish word to describe a young, rebel & global generation only interested in party, no job, no study, only party.
You know what a Nini is?

Monday.... Party.
Tuesday.... Party.
Wednesday.... Party.
Thursday.... Party.
Weekend.... PARTY.
by Lishamb November 25, 2011
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Nation's Pick EXO's Kim Jongin's nick name.

Jongin is lovingly called as Jonginnie which then got shortened to Nini.
A: Nini is a visual God.
B: I agree. Nini's visual outshined everyone.
by Alfa♡ March 21, 2018
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She's a bad bitch she don't put up with people's shit , but she is very. Intelligent , she seems like she's happy on the outside but on the inside she isn't she has a bad temper but she is a fun person to be around
Wow did you see that girl Nini she's don't care what she does.
by Vannese Garcia March 13, 2017
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The cutest bububa in the world that deserves the whole fucking world bc nini cute and funny
“Omg you should be like nini
Nini wouldn’t treat me like this”
by Rizzelraa November 15, 2018
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