She feels a lot insecure about herself ,but she's damn strong, she just have to learn how to express it .
"Hey dude I tried to bully anu today"
"What happened ?"
"She kicked me in my balls":○
"Whoa that is neat AF"
by Call me professor June 07, 2021
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An individual who is highly homophobic to hide their insecurities about their own homosexuality
I know they can be homophobic but I think they might be an anu
by J-F_05 October 22, 2019
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a cool asian person that plays minecraft everyday and loves anime
by anuuu November 06, 2017
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Anus is the best person ever. they will always discard you poop. they will never leave you. they mostly hangout with rectums and toilets seats.
What is the scientific term for a butt hole? Anus.
by charlie the puppy!!! January 14, 2021
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is hermosote
anus is
by lalio May 14, 2018
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