Anus Burger is an American grindcore and pornogrind band formed on September 11, 2001 following the government conspiracy of the attacks on the World Trade Center. The band currently has 3 members in it consisting of Mr. Testicle, Vanilla Monkey, and LilDyke. The band is known for their extremely graphic and often controversial lyrics featuring themes such as abortion, the Holocaust, racism, sexism, and gore. In the Spring of 2009, Anus Burger was featured on the Ellen Show following the release of their 3rd album Erectile Dysfunction, but they were removed after they insulted Ellen for being a dyke. This incident only helped to boost Anus Burger's popularity and their newly released 3rd studio album stayed at number 2 in the Billboard's Top 100 list for a total of four weeks. Rumors have recently spread about the possible breaking up of Anus Burger after the 3 band members survived a near death overdose of some crack cocaine. 6 months after their encounter with cocaine, LilDyke left the band to become a Gay Male Stripper. Mr. Testicle and Vanilla Monkey have stated that they will continue the band and are currently working on their 6th studio album entitled Auto-Erotic Asphyxiation but the album has experienced numerous delays. In November of 2013, LilDyke rejoined the band after getting AIDS from one of his clients. This saw the soon release of their single off of Auto-Erotic Asphyxiation entitles Aidscicle inspired by LilDyke's ordeal.
Anus Burger are the Pornogrind Kings.
by Vanilla Monkey November 30, 2013
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When you misread the computer hardware company 'Asus' as 'anus.'
Zach, just got my new laptop from Anus!
Oops I'm meant to say Asus, not anus.

Sounds like a shitty computer, Asus Anus.
by Urban Dick tonary October 10, 2016
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A dusty anus is where you haven't taken a shit in a very long time that your anal passage has become barren and desolate which makes your farts shoot out all remaining residue.
I haven't shat in ten days, in suspecting a dusty anus any time soon.
by SHENZILLA December 14, 2010
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That feeling when you have explosive burning diarrhea that lingers long after said explosive diarrhea has vacated your bowels.
I had terrible diarrhea earlier, that left me with a toasty anus.
by itsurbandictionarywhocares April 22, 2015
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Those who aren't able to think well/intelligently. Associated with Matt Reed syndrome. A condition that inables you of brain function. Won't allow you listen the first time your told. (Condition only known to have affected one person...Matt Reed).
You're dirting my kitchen that I just cleaned why didn't you eat before anus neck. Think before you act ..very disappointing stupid cachiga.
by Fargman February 04, 2017
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Gay men who like it up the butt. Typically very very homosexual.
Stacy: Whoah! look at how tight his jeans are!
Jenny: Oh, he must be an anus pirate!
by Mama-papa-baby June 05, 2009
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The dark hole of winter between Jan 2nd and March 1st where no light shines and everything looks like shit.
I’m ready for Spring and beers outside, I’ve been stuck in winter’s anus for too long!
by Bmckeat April 19, 2021
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