To complete a task with ease, without trying
"Casually winning the fifa tourney on goal difference; beating downs 4-1 in the last game to be joint on points with him with a 4 goal difference"
by wopperburger December 30, 2011
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In this context: an action oft-considered unusual, embarrassing, frowned upon, dangerous or difficult, performed with relative ease and more importantly with a relaxed, indifferent air.

Often misused for actions that are completely normal and of no interest to others e.g. "Casually watching a particular DVD".
Casually sharing my sandwich with a lion today.
Casually strolling through the street in my pyjamas carrying nothing but toilet roll this morning.
by maxek May 27, 2013
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1. It's all good.
2. Don't Worry
From 1984's The Wild Life

Tom: Will you marry me?
Eileen: What?! No!
Tom: It's casual.
by 1312020 June 19, 2007
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To ejaculate in a casual or laid-back manner (i.e. without prior planning or pre-meditation).

The opposite of tejife

A casuallation may strike at any time; When you're sleeping, when you're on the bus, when you're buying a new tractor... whenever!

Just so long as you're relaxed and unsuspecting.

Casuallating is never intense, or even slightly forceful. The casual nature of the casuallation guarantees that it becomes more of a dribble, leaving the casuallator with an embarrassing cum stain.

Casuallation should be treated with embarrassment, but not with pride and honour. It shows a compleate lack of self control!
To casuallate is to ejaculate casually
by vagmeister 2 December 12, 2009
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A person, often when referring to gamers or any other target, that isn't really into it and only does this activity on an infrequent basis while being terrible at it. Can be described as weak sauce or non mlgpro.
Zac: "dude, I hate all those people who play farmville on facebook, they probably haven't ever picked up a controller in their lives"
Mike: "yea, they're a bunch of casuals"
by luckynacho February 24, 2010
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The opposite to a dedicated video gamer.
Casuals are generally new to video gaming and have small experience.
Common definitions of Casual gamers are...

1. Don't play games that often
2. Gamers limited to a few popular mainstream genres (sports, racing, FPS) i.e Call of Duty. They don't expand to other types of genres (RTS, TBS, RPG) i.e any strategic game.
3. Gamers who play recreationally; for fun, rather then play more competitively
4. An insult used by more hardcore/elitist gamers who believe casuals are gaming scum (for most of these reasons)
5. Gaming Rookie or Newbie (not noob)
6. Those who play more simpler games (Facebook games, Flash games, Mobile Games, F2P). See 2. as well
7. Undedicated gamers (cheap computers and console/handheld users).

It's all to one's opinion and perspective.
Also, casuals sometimes get caught in the crossfire of ''The Great PC vs Consoles War'' where the ''PC Master Race'' duke it out with the ''Console Peasants''. Though it doesn't happen usually.
1. Dedicated: Been playing Skyrim daily, and I made huge progress in my game

Casual: I'm just past the beginning, I play just weekly.

2. Casual: Just got the new Call of Duty and NHL game

Dedicated: I've gotten the new Sid Meier's Civilization game.

3. Dedicated: I'm trying to practice to get in a decent MLG team.

Casual: I prefer to to play co-op with my friends, good luck getting to the MLG team.

4. Hardcore Gamer: I wish we had less casuals, who play small time games

Elitist Gamer: I had one on my LoL team, he was worser then nothing.

5. Dedicated: Coaching casuals!

Casual: Can you coach me, I'm new to this game.

6. Casual: Hey can you send me a gift on Farmville and Clash of Clans?

Dedicated: I don't play those types of games.

7. Dedicated: Whoo, my alienware computer and razor accessories just got delivered!

Casual: I'm settling down with my HP laptop from Target.
by Slim Cognito December 22, 2014
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