erik keeps singing "banana phone", much to everyone's annoyment.
by xpiderbite November 27, 2008
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Society. That is really all I have so say.

I am overwhelmed by annoyance!!

"Fuk u u whor as btch!" - Thing said by common idiots found on the internet.


People who refuse to take responsibilty in their life.






People who talk to much.

Do you wish for me to continue?
by Addie777 October 14, 2006
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Kevin, someone who is very annoying and very strange
Me:You know who’s annoying

Me:Kevin is an annoyance
by woodya December 11, 2019
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Any person that is entirely to stupid to realize they irritate every person they come in contact with. They believe that they know just as much as everyone else when really they have the smarts of a brick, causing annoyance to all. Usually self absorbed.
Who is the annoyer who made up this word in the first place?
by HoneyGirl March 8, 2004
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1)someone who's every other word is R rated and turns every thing into a negative experience
2)someone who puts a sexual or perverted spin on everything
1) annoyance-i F**** hate this class its so F***ing sh*t-like
2) see #4 of winnie the pooh
by innocent December 11, 2005
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(adj) able to be annoyed
A: I'm going to block you if you keep annoying me.
B: I can't help it, you're annoyable.
A: Yeah, well you're stupid.
by Jim-boba August 30, 2006
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