1) a word one uses when one does not know the name of someone or something. the word tends to pop into ones mind at the appropriate time. most convenient, yes.

2) a substitute or alternative to using a word that one does now feel comfortable saying
"why, hello, what's your name, Mrs. Thingo?"
"pass me that um...thingo please."
"wow your thingo is so long."
"just a minute. im thingo-ing your grandma."
"what's that thingo called again?"
"shutup or ill kick your thingo."
by frilly fill October 9, 2005
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A new, innovative way to say "thing". Similar to how dog becomes doggo. Use it to sound memey
You: Bruh, look at that thingo
Them: Dude, it's a doggo.
by Jeff McRhehehsb August 2, 2017
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Person 1: oh have you heard of Mr Thingo?
Person 2: no?
Person1: oh you should go subscribe to him on youtube hes the best!
by egglover069 November 7, 2021
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it's a ring thing bro, get real
Person 1: Why won't my dad come back from the gas station
Dad: Oh son i went to get a ringo-thingo
by drunk danny devito January 21, 2019
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"where is thingo"
by kittycat.meow May 2, 2023
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