People born on this day are lucky, for they are born on grab ass day. They are sexy beasts and most likely super tall and buff. If you date someone born on October 5th, dont lose them, they will get their revenge!
"Man, hes hot. I heard he was born on October 5th."
by Noodle hands October 16, 2019
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October 5th is the best day of the year. The greatest human being I've ever known was born today. She's beautiful, she's kind and she's absolutely brilliant. She's the most supportive person in the world and I absolutely cannot get through my life without her. I love her so much, I would die for her. I hope she has a great birthday and I know everything in her life is going to go great, especially her chinese assignment <3
Person 1: October 5th is amazing yeah?
Me: Yeah, she was born today.

Person 1: Awesome!
by Dave_Davis October 4, 2021
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National girlfriends day is a day for your girlfriend so shower her with love and lots of hugs and kisses!! October 5th!
Boy 1: Bro girl get your girl a gift!
Boy 2: Why?
Boy 1: It’s October 5th national girlfriend’s day!
by yxung_nxgga.wrld October 3, 2021
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The day when you ask out your crush with out any hesitation or being nervous at all believe me I asked out my crush out on October 5th and we’ve been happy ever since
Daniel don’t worry it’s October 5th

Okay what about it

It’s the day you don’t have any hesitation or being nervous to ask out your crush


Yes Daniel

So go out there and ask out your one and only
by Thicccckkkkk boi October 23, 2019
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National celebrate your gf/bf day

celebrate October 5th with your gf/bf

spend the day with them and enjoy the day while it lasts !
hey have you heard if October 5th national celebrate your gf/bf day ?
no ?

by imuglyhehe October 4, 2020
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It’s national send nudes to anyone day!!!
Boy: hey it’s October 5th

Girl oh right! *takes pics*
by That day maker September 29, 2020
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