He is a professional basketballer, surfer and scientist. He pulls guys and girls of any age but isnt interested in them his heart lies with the sea and the court. However he is sexually romanced by fish and dolphins, gets him going.
"Hey Did you see Angus Hogan on the board Yesterday"
"Yeah he was fucking a fish or something. "
by May 23, 2022
A small town in the eastern Townships were the french complain about the english, the teens drift in the hockey arena parking lots for a pass time. For the adults they usually like to spend there time drinking bousch beer and smoking next cigarettes.
Ons va tu au commerce à east angus asoir les boys? Ou bin ons se pete un maine?
by Itsyourboyronmac March 23, 2018
A shitehole created when God took a massive shite 13 miles from Scumdee. It stinks of chicken shit from the chicken factory which is run by foreigners as all the native Coupar Angus people are pissed on buckfast and cheap drugs. Which can be found in the Premier corner shop. It also sells fake airpods which are just normal. earphones with the wire cut off. All native residents are either NEDs or CHAVS In short avoid this town.
Coupar Angus what a junkie shitehole it's full of NEDs
by Hippyfromtesco November 26, 2019
A typical demon from a hentai short film that is usually seen with a female named Yuri.

Also a delicacy at the satanic steak house.
"Death lord Angus, what will I tell my father?" - Yuri

"I would like to order the deathlord Angus with a side of souls please"
by Death Lord Angus November 19, 2017
A lady Angus is one of the most wonderful people you will ever meet. Although they suck at laser tag, they will always be there for you when you fall (literally). Lady Angus would go great with a Sir Sharon, who is actually really good at laser tag. Sir Sharon loves Lady Angus; and Sir Sharon hopes that this might make Lady Angus smile.
Did you see that Lady Angus walking down the street?
by Sirsharon5424273 March 2, 2017