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Acronym for Jerk Off Instructions. A POV porn niche where the porn girls give explicit and detailed instructions on how to jerk off.
Greg found out that he couldn't stroke to a fulfilling orgasm unless he was watching hot girls in JOI porn.
by August 31, 2010
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Giving someone instruction on how to jerk off, and or masturbate for pleasure. JOI=jerk off instructions.
Sally gave her boyfriend JOI over the phone during phone sex
by KatieValdez September 05, 2018
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A joi porno is a buere instructing you to walk off on her.... face tits ass etc
by Timber Tim February 20, 2018
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A Jack Off Injury

often associated with a person with a cast on his arm

injured for jacking off to much
Man: Aww man, my arm hurts right now
Man 2: So what, is this your fist JOI or what?
by Death Cloud April 28, 2010
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Joi is a very shy when you first meet her, but when she comes out of her shell she is the most sarcastic and funny girl you will ever meet. Joi is gorgeous and modest. Her hair and nails always look flawless just like her.

Joi is an amazing friend who will tell you like it is. She doesn't like when people are to peppy because she is the opposite, but if she loves you she with deal with your pep. She is accepting of all people and super chill about everything. Some might say she is lazy even herself, but she really just slow which works for her. Joi is hard working, but acts like she doesn't want to do the work. She radiates joy to everyone around her probably because she has the best smile and laugh you will ever see/hear. When you are around her you will struggle to keep in the laughter. There is never a time when you don't want to be around her. If you are having a bad day she will lift you up or at least have a bad day with you. Joi is the type of person you run to when you see them. Joi will pick on you, but only out of love. Most of the things she says are dripping with sarcasm which only adds to her charm. She doesn't become friends with just anyone so if she is your friend you should feel honored.
Kat- I miss Joi

Emily- Same she's my favorite she brings so much joy
by Mizz.Bell June 24, 2017
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