A little ranger baby that everyone loves. Some girls have a weird fetish for him but duh he is gorg. He a hottayyyyyyy
"If you hurt angus we will hurt you"
"Angus is amazballs"
by Ramond October 23, 2014
1. A brand of beef
2. Guitar player for AC/DC
3. MacGyver's first name
1. i had some nice angus beef burgers
2. Angus was a kickass guitar hero
3. There written in flame on a castle wall, was his name: Angus! "Oh," said a maiden, "it's a beautiful name." "Maybe in your time," MacGyver replies, "but where I come from... "
by lab189 January 3, 2007
A superior breed of asian men who possess a rather small and weak brain in comparasion to their large and buff muscles, accumulated from working out every single day and playing (preferably at least 2) sports. While his outer appearance may be that of a buff, tall, tough manly man, on the inside, he is still a small, tenderhearted child.The plural form of Angus is Angi (pronounced like AN-GEE)
1. Wow, that guy is such an Angus!
2. Man, that guy's been working out for so long, he looks exactly like an Angus!
3. True Angi are really rare in Asia!
by b-a-n-a-n-a-s May 6, 2008
angus is a cool guy, don't be discouraged bus his glasses and weird looks he will give you a good day. angus has the biggest sword dick and secret 6 pack and will fuck you till you cry.
girl: look its angus omg he looks so weird
stella: he might look weird but trust me you will fall in love with him
by LOLlima November 1, 2022
angus is to be angry or crazed.
by Hato Hammer April 18, 2006
a guy who deep throats big monster cocks.
he eats cum of a dogs dick
and off female dogs vaginas.
dammit is he eating damn cum again that Angus boy
by my pussyslayer March 10, 2017
your dog's an angus
by moerdt December 22, 2009