Kim Fey............................
Kim Fey needs to get over herslef and do something about her problems.
by not penis December 17, 2004
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Actually, I associate this word with humor. It is just to funny. I mean. LISTEN TO IT: Angst.
Tibby called Mike an 'Angstaa Gangstaa', and I could not control my laughter in the least.
by Jade November 13, 2004
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Verb. The M.K. Verb for "to suffer from angst".
He angsts often because he is a teenager.
by Lucius March 21, 2005
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CJ aka Bladeshot. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.
CJ is full of whiny, teenage ANGST.
by KON September 03, 2004
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The way that Arch Angel acts constantly.

Also see, dumbass.
AngstAngel13 is a sad little man who listens to emo music and rawks out with his wrist scarz, f00.
by Chiefzorz December 19, 2005
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in fanfiction, a genre that is supposed to make the reader feel sad just for the sake of feeling sad. depending on how well it's written, you'll either cry or cringe
that story had so much angst and drama for no reason, like that bitch was just tryna eat her lunch she aint have to start talking philosophy n shit
by smigwig March 28, 2021
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