Here's my view on what anxiety is if you've never experienced it.

Imagine hanging out with all your best friends. You're having the time of your life with them, it's a nice sun shiny day. Then, all of a sudden a dark cloud sweeps over you and all of your friends disappear and a recorder goes off in your head reminding you off horrible memories, tasks you have yet to accomplish, and insults that you've been told before.

When you have anxiety all the fun stops immediately and all you think about is the "bad stuff."
Bill: *Walking in the park with his wife, happy as ever, then he stops walking and remembers the time he got robbed in a different park* Now Bill is on edge and can no longer enjoy his day with his wife. This is anxiety for you.
by Krx.ed April 24, 2017
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My home, My life, My state of mind, And the reason I am unable to function as a human being.
friend: What's your weekend plan?
Me: Haha just another date with anxiety
by Fandom Definer April 11, 2017
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Something you can’t control. It just takes over your mind and you can’t get it out. Overthinking. Feeling as if you aren’t there. Just overall something that changes your life.
“I’m having an anxiety attack
“I have those like everyday it’s where you just like cry but it’s fine get over it
“You don’t understand”
by oatlivia October 29, 2017
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If you dont have anxiety then you wont understand you say you do but you don't. Anxiety is when you have this little voice in your head telling you that everyone hates you there just your friend because they feel bad for you and dont want to be rude. It's when you feel like crying every second of the day even when realy nothing is happening but that little voice wants you to think that everyone hates you. Even if you ask your friends if they hate u and they say they dont hate you anxiety makes you think there lying just so you wont start crying about it . It makes you always on edge.
Person 1:I had an anxiety attack today in class
Person 2: so what i have those all the time just get over it and stop being so dramatic
Person 1: you dont understand
by Suisidal thoughts1 November 7, 2018
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A feeling typically meant to ruin your life; can be compared to Remy in Ratatouille but is not there to help you in any manner.
Anxiety: Your an idiot, go and hide because you're useless and can never get anywhere or do anything, it will never be okay so you might as well go hide in a corner and cry to yourself
by DefinitleynotNero October 16, 2017
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Anxiety is like the feeling you get when you almost fall out of your chair in class, or skip a step on the staircase. Only it never stops.
My anxiety kicked up while writing this
by I-don't-have-a-name January 11, 2018
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I have a feeling I'll disrecommend everything soon.. I have anxiety
by jamesbor_ March 28, 2019
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