In that 90210, 90210, looking for that ally.
by Waxmold January 7, 2021
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The state of acting like you live in the television show, Beverly Hills 90210.
"OMG that is SO 90210" (re: highly dramatic situation or conflict)

"Well she was being really 90210-ish about it so I decided not to invite her."

Kelly: "I'm not going to the party because I don't want to run into Jeff there, he might be with his new girlfriend."

Michelle: "Oh come on, Kel. Don't be so 90210."
by Nora Wrana May 16, 2008
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Zip code of Beverly Hills . A show based on a school life of certain students who do everything but study.

Chics in it set new standards on being slutty and guys who have an overdose of puberty hormones.

Common aspects of the show are if you not a snob/slut/jerk/asshole you can't be in it.

The show is targeted on setting young minds on raising new standards of how bad school life can be and if it isn't start bringing about that change.
Kid 1: OMG 90210 is on.
Kid 2: Yeah I know. I'm so gonna do all those things.
Kid 1: wattya mean?
Kid 2: Kicked out of school/ get caught with 2 naked girls in my room.

Chic 1: I need to learn how to handle balls.
Chic 2: Wait the way you said it, almost sounded sexual.
by 90210hater April 24, 2010
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90210 is an postal zip code in Beverly Hills, California. It is followed by 90211, and 90212. 90212 is mostly apartments and smaller homes, and the value of homes increases as the zip code decreases.

90210 IS THAT shiz of all area codes in the Continental US. It DOES OWN other zip codes because its' residents make more money than ones in other cities. We don't think it, we know it. Why do you think we prevented the LA Marathon from crashing thru Beverly Hills? Do you think we would want to close our businesses just because a bunch of liberal idiots wants to shed pounds after reading the South Beach Diet? HELL NO!


One minor gruff: We've got too many iranians here. Most of them are rude and violate human sanity codes. They are loud, and use their money made from oil to gorge their high school kids on Range Rovers, Benz's, BMW's, and throwing a FUCKING $200,000 BIRTHDAY PARTY FOR SOME SNOT NOSED, SPOILED BITCH WHO AIN'T GOT AN IDEA OF HOW TO MAKE 1 DOLLAR SCRAPING GRIM OFF THE TOILET.
Beverly Hills. 90210, 90211 (OK), 90212 (Ghetto).
by sdfsdf March 7, 2005
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The zip code you live in when you realize that everyone thinks you're snobby.
by star8706 February 2, 2003
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Best show of the 80s/90s.
Actors include:
-(Dylan Mackay)Coy Luther (Luke) Perry III
born: 10/11/66 (28) in Mansfield, OH
-(Kelly Taylor)Jennifer Eve Garth
born: 4/3/72 in Urbana, IL
-(Donna Martin)Victoria Davey Spelling
born: 5/16/73 in Los Angeles, CA
-(David Silver)Brian Austin Green
born: 7/15/73 in Van Nuys, CA
-(Steve Sanders)Ian Andrew Ziering
Born: 3/30/64 in West Orange, N.J
-(Nat Busichio) Joe E Tata
-(Brandon Walsh)Jason Bradford Priestley
Born:8/28/69 in Vancouver, B.C.
-(Brenda Walsh)Shannon Daugherty
born: 4/12/71 in Memphis, TN
-(Jim and Cindy Walsh) James Eckhouse and Carol Potter
-(Andrea Zucherman) Gabrielle Anne Carteris
born: 1/2/61 in Phoenix, AZ
The ORIGINAL OC(The OC sucks..Beverly is Rockin')
The original OC.
Full of teen angst and drama.
Laguna beach meets better scripts..
It's just awesome. Watch it on TV tropolis at 5:00pm every day.
Emily calls Sasha *RING*
Sasha: hello?
Emily: BEVERLY HILLS 90210 IS ON!!!
Sasha: I'm WELL WELL WELLLLL aware.
Emily: *gasp* I can't believe brandon just kissed her!!
Sasha: I KNOW!!!
Emily: Aww, I love Dylan. I'm going to marry that man.
Sasha: Me too. <33
by Emmeline January 18, 2007
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