A fiery ass fuck.

If you don’t have a best friend and you’re experiencing heartburn, you have one now, and their name is TUMS.
Dood, my heart feels like it’s riding a volcano through my throat.”
“Bro..you got heartburn.”
by Mclovin 4321 June 27, 2019
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Painful feeling in your chest that makes you think you are going to die. Common after eating spicy foods or if you have acid reflux.

"My heart feels like its going to explode, Ive got heartburn"

"Fucking bad genes give me heartburn"
by William Woody July 22, 2005
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the state of adrenaline in the prescence of a crush,attractive person,ect.....a feeling where u cant move or breath at the same time and your hearts pumping like hell!!
thomas:hey jay, how was it being lab partnas with jessica?
jay:man dawg i couldnt even talk i had heartburn!!
thomas:lol why foo?
jay:you know ive been having a crush on her dont act stupid!!!

(adrenaline rushing throough my body i cant deny it ..i got this heartburn!!!)-alica keys!
by god_of_krunk713 July 12, 2005
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Derived from the medical condition and used as slang. To cause grief, woe or general displeasure to another person or persons. Generally used by beaureaucrats because they lack any actual slang and usage of said word is the highlight of that day.
"I see that you want to add a six car garage to your 60 sq. foot crackhouse, the county doesn't have any provisions against it so I don't have any heartburn with that"

"yo, why you be givin me heartburn by eatin all my peanut butter, you jest know I gots to have my peanut butter!"

by George Forward January 27, 2006
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Def: when your pants are too tight and stick up your ass
Professor Angler’s Spanish heartburn was very obvious every time he wrote on the black board.
by “The Gurns” November 10, 2018
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the extreme heartburn that follows a heavy night of drinking. typically associated with gut rot, swamp ass and other inebriation-related symptoms.
Bob: Hey fella, would you like to have some coffee, tomatoes and hydrochloric acid? it's real tasty.

Fella: no way man, my hangover heartburn prevents me from having any acidic foods, regardless of taste profile. also, kill me, this pain sucks
by dhobiwala July 26, 2012
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A hot and firey rash on the keister, caused by eating hot sauce or hot peppers.
After eating a delicious meal at El Pollo Borracho, Margaret got a Mexican heartburn. "It was worth it," she said.
by Cap'n Bullmoose May 3, 2005
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