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Usually seen in memes created by usually created by insecure girls called "Other Girls vs Me". Usually the other girls are preppy, girly, wearing trendy clothes, etc and shown in a negative way while the and basically saying that if you are an Other Girl you are a basic bitch. Usually the girls who create these memes only to re-assure their sense of superiority because they are insecure with themselves, so instead working on themselves and their attitude they create these dumbass memes thinking it's actually making a difference.
Insecure Girl 1: Look its those "other girls"
Insecure Girl 2: Eww, they think they are hot shit because they go to parties.
Insecure Girl 1: Yeah, I'm so happy that I spend my time at home on the internet and watching tv instead of having a "social life."
Insecure Girl 2: Yeah!
by QueenofBasicbitchery July 14, 2017
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Girls who don't just fit into one definition or social group, they fut into more then one.
"See her she's a goth and a geek she's an othergirl"
by courtrose88 October 03, 2016
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