what happens after being f*cked in the ass
i had a massive anal creampie after being gangbanged by 10 guys.
by anal lover February 02, 2009
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To ejaculate in another person's anus with out a condom, and then perform analinguis on them, licking it out.
After I busted my nut deep in Amy's ass, I buried my face between her cheeks and she gave me an anal creampie.
by Dr. Hoepenstein May 21, 2004
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to buttfuck someone and ejaculate into their ass, and then lick up all the semen
after i buttfucked her, she let me have an anal creampie
by hidalgo May 23, 2004
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When a guy cums in a girls ass and she shits it out into a pie crust.
Man, Sherry and I made an anal creampie last night.
by miizure April 29, 2007
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The act of doing anal with your girlfriend/partner, cumming in their ass, your partner shitting out feces and semen into a blender, adding milk, ice and assorted fruit, then eating the drink together.
Amanda and i just had an Anal Creampie Smoothie, it was amazing.
by Izzy Rogues October 11, 2013
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Covering a penis in peanut butter, butter, and flower. Then analing an asshole until you creampie in the other persons ass
I can't believe she let me buttercup anal creampie supreme her!
by Reginald Taylor April 03, 2015
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