1 to have anal sex
2 to be in trouble
1 i buttfucked her/him so hard last night
2 oh great, we're so buttfucked
by the ultimate bitch slap November 1, 2017
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get fucked by the ass, as in penis goes through ass.
I buttfucked that bitch so hard she cried.
by Maggot666 February 17, 2005
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To have taken advantage of someone in either business of personal affairs through deception, deceit or duplicity.

Circa early '70s, US Army
"You didn't get the assignment to Japan that was a part of your enlistment contract? You were buttfucked by your recruiter!"
by buffalo patty April 23, 2005
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When the people at gamestop buy your 50$ game for 9$, then they put it right back on the shelf for 49.99$.
Clerk: Hi welcome to gamestop, can I interest you in a buttfucking.
Customer: No thanks, I'll just sell my shit on ebay.
by Gamer69 August 30, 2012
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What happens to you when you use AOL.
I signed up for 300 free hours with AOL, and then preceeded to bend over and spread my cheeks...
by Hiro August 29, 2003
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to ram in the ass with a penis or dildo
i want to buttfuck your sister
by fartsniffer May 25, 2002
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This word can be used in two contexts.

The first and more common is an annoying, irritable, or unintelligent person.

The second is someone who actually engages in butt sex. This usage seems fairly uncommon these days, as the word has long lost its original meaning.
Matt, shut up you buttfucker.

Maybe I would hang out with you if you didn't act like such a buttfucker all the time.
by ChemicalGoat May 22, 2009
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