God's gotten mad at us

We're all f*cked!
by cutglass November 19, 2011
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AKA : "Fucked up" this version is for people under the age of 13 and/or are christian and cannot swear. Really just some pussy who is scared of their mommy finding out.
kid : dammit i f*cked up

other player: dude are you like 12 you can swear on the internet you little christian bitch, or are you too scared that your mum will find out?

kid : :'(
by Intrigued but not Convinced January 20, 2016
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To hit the "Wettest" Vagina, "She got that "Aquafina"
"Shorty Pus*sy was wetter than a Cup of water bruh...I just f*cked a cup of water
by Church Hill Bruh February 27, 2022
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