Mainly used in the UK, a "sesh" or just a party/gathering where you get high, drunk or just completey wasted.
Bruv lets have a lick up at the park
by wag1sexc March 4, 2018
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A Jamaican term used when your pissed off at some fucker for doing wrong to you..
1)You nah going get away lick up pu soil and fall.
2)Dem aint goin mess we,dey co lick up pu soil and get from round here!!!
by Robert Jah Bless December 18, 2008
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it's to give ur male or femela partner oral sex
mostly 4 girl when u eat her pussy and do tongue tricks
by Jojo-iz-a-va-brat July 25, 2008
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i'll lick you up - another phrase that chavs use for 'im gonna beat you up'
'yar dan if ya don't get out my face now ur gonna get licked up init'
by nik brennan March 5, 2005
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