Having the ability to masturbate successfully with both hands.
-Girlfriend: "I can never seem to get myself off with my left hand."
Boyfriend: "I guess you're not ambisextrous, then.

-Kyle uses a different hand to stroke himself each night. He is truly ambisextrous.
by Trotsky J Skills February 9, 2012

1. Slang term for bisexual.
2. Possible slang term for the ability to masturbate ambidextrously.
That guy is so ambisextrous -- some would call him greedy.
by Eliot Armstrong February 12, 2004
For a gay person, to be able to be both a bottom and top while having sex.
Todd: Are you a top or a bottom?
Dylan: I'm ambisextrous, baby.
by Asshole Astronaut November 19, 2010
A term used to describe someone who feels as if they are both male and female, or neither one.
"I am not a girl or boy, I am ambisextrous."

"I feel as if I am both male and female. I am ambisextrous."
by Lea Corbin September 13, 2008
Attracted to both males and females, and comfortable having sex with both genders simultaneously in multi-partner situations. Amibisextrous people are often comfortable having sex with almost any partner, group of partners, people they met 5 minutes ago, etc, with little restraint or pretext.

Not a synonym for bisexual, which is simply a person attracted to or sexually active with both genders.
I accidentally walked into the back bedroom at the after-hours party, and saw Joe fully involved with Michelle, Amy, and both of Amy's boyfriends ten minutes after he arrived. That boy is truly ambisextrous!
by Kiff March 21, 2012
Being able to multitask sexually with your body parts on yourself or someone else
OMG he is such a good lover..that's cause he's ambisextrous.
by ebabe February 5, 2010
A word describing those with the rare ability to masturbate using either of their hands.

Those who are Ambisextrous (male or female) can switch hands on the fly, virtually eliminating the problem of cramping altogether.

This creates a more efficient self-pleasuring experience in general.

Ambisexterity is a highly regarded trait- said to only be held by the most skilled of masturbaters.
"Nick? Yeah, he writes with his left hand. But I heard he's ambisextrous."

"Damn. Sounds like a god."
by Spagoni September 3, 2011