Someone who is sexually talented with both of their hands.
Dude, they had to put both his hands in a cast because his girlfriend rode them so hard.

That's what he gets for being ambisextrous
by HessTheThird June 23, 2012
The status of having both male and female reproductive organs. An adjective describing a hermaphrodite.

John: He wanna go play a game?
Pat: No. I can't right now.
John: Why?
Pat: I have to go see my doctor about my baby.
John: But you're...
Pat: Ambisextrous? Yes. I am.
hermaphrodite penis vagina ovary testicle hermaphroditic ambisextrous ambidextrous
by P.J. Fizzybottom March 10, 2011
-predominantly refers to male on male intercourse, in which a male is both a "top" and a "bottom".

-usually there are men who are labeled "tops" and those "bottoms" in relationships. this definition is for those that are both.
A: "Hey, is Nate a top or bottom when you have sex?"

B: "He does top and bottom."

A: "What?"

B: "Nate is ambisextrous."
by Sushi Guy February 27, 2013