1. Someone who practices no sexual discrimination whatsoever.
2. The property of being equally gifted at pleasuring with either hand.
3. Bisexual.
Celia proved she was truly ambisextrous when she made Peter and Polly orgasm simultaneously.
by Chandra42 July 5, 2006
The ability to vary between being a "top" and a "bottom"
"I figured out that during sex I can be a top or a bottom! Is there a word for that?" "Yep, you're ambisextrous."
"This person I was with went between topping and bottoming. He was ambisextrous."
by queernymph August 28, 2013
The ability to make a move on a person with your dominant or non-dominant hand.
Tim’s left-handed, but he’s ambisextrous when it comes to a reach-around.
by ECat419 August 21, 2018
the ability to perform a sex act upon others - or oneself - with either hand.
You can do that with your left hand too?! I love that you're ambisextrous!
by AwesomeTheCat June 12, 2011
A person with the ability to behave as either sex at any time. Similar to ambidextrous, where you can use either hand to write. Could be a man or woman at any time.
He's ambisextrous... Is she?
by Cain_UK February 26, 2009
1. using each hand well: able to masturbate or please your partner using the right and the left hand with equal skill

2. unusually skillful: very creative and versatile
I never knew I was ambisextrous until I broke my right arm.
by Dr. Ruth Pepper January 16, 2011
When a man is able to masturbate to a finish with both his preferred and non-preferred hands.
Shaun: Aaron hasn't gotten laid in so long that he has become ambisextrous!

Karl: yeah, that fucking chose has no game!
by Ambisextrous June 7, 2015