This refers to a person who is bisexual and may skillfully enjoy sex with either gender. It derives from the combination of ambidextrous meaning "able to use both hands equally well" and also inclues the word bisexual, meaning "not restricted to one gender in sexual preference".
Tina is ambisextrous. She dates both men and women and says she is not gender specific, but relationship specific.
by wordart October 17, 2011
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A play of the word Ambidextrous. Ambisextrous is to be Bi-sexual.
In college, I gave a shot at being ambisextrous.
by dudu September 17, 2003
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Bisexual, but preferable because "ambi" means "either" which reflects the ability of an ambisextrous

Also a play on the word "ambidextrous" - one who uses either his right or left hand.
Some people are heterosexual, some are homosexual. I've had relationships with same sex and opposite sex partners.

I'm ambisextrous.
by Ambisextrous July 31, 2009
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Attracted to both males and females.
I'm not only ambidextrous - I'm ambisextrous too!
by Gayle Madwin April 8, 2003
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Able to be utilized by either sex.
The name Hammond is ambisextrous.
by nodumbbunny February 6, 2005
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understanding how an man and a women feals.being relative too opions and nature of both sexes....
If you have an ambisextrous nature you would understand where i'm going with this?
by regardless devon victory March 21, 2009
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