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one who jerks it not only multiple times a week but multiple times a day. the kind of person you would find beating there dick in your own house or even infront of you. A person who if gets stuck in an elevator for even 5 minutes will have already wacked their magic stick once or twice. A kind of person you would find in the middle of math class with their hand in their pocket wiggling around alot letting out akward grunts. A person who can cry white tears just looking at a barbie doll.
-pete: *wiggle wiggle grunt* "Teacher may i go to the bathroom"

-teacher: "thats the second time this hour pete.."

-pete: " Im sorry I drank alot of OJ juice today (actually bj juice) I have an overactive bladder" (well he has an overactive something thats for sure)
by Whatever April 06, 2005
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A person who will masturbate, jack off, spank his own monkey, choke his chicken, flog the dolphin, fornicbornalone in front of porn or wink.
Is that masturbater mastetbating right now? I don't want anything to do with it.
by bushlight January 17, 2018
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