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Sometimes called "gub'ment cheese", ronnie wax was a waxy-textured, low fat, low quality cheese product given away in large blocks at food pantries and soup kitchens during the later years of the Reagan administration - hence the name "ronnie wax". Ronnie wax was the result of removing all the valuable nutritional contents (butterfat, milk proteins) from whole milk, then making a yellow, plastic-like cheese from the remaining whey.
Ronnie wax was the creation of a mean-spirited, anti-social-welfare Republican government which was hobbled by the Northeast Dairy Compact and forced to support dairy prices by buying large quantities of milk.
Deadheads on tour used to drop by the local food pantry and pick up 10 or 15 pounds of ronnie wax and several loaves of cheap white bread. They'd use these to make piles of grilled cheese sandwiches and sell the sandwiches for a dollar each in the parking lot after the concert. The result was enough gas money to get them to the next show.
Dude, we sold more'n five hungie in ronnie wax sandwiches tonight! The stoners were hungrier than I've ever seen! We've got enough for gas, tickets, and a half-ozzie of weed, too!

Yum, ronnie wax sandwiches, just like the old days! Boy, I sure miss 'em...
by Kiff October 28, 2008

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Attracted to both males and females, and comfortable having sex with both genders simultaneously in multi-partner situations. Amibisextrous people are often comfortable having sex with almost any partner, group of partners, people they met 5 minutes ago, etc, with little restraint or pretext.

Not a synonym for bisexual, which is simply a person attracted to or sexually active with both genders.
I accidentally walked into the back bedroom at the after-hours party, and saw Joe fully involved with Michelle, Amy, and both of Amy's boyfriends ten minutes after he arrived. That boy is truly ambisextrous!
by Kiff March 20, 2012

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To be stoned to ones capacity
by kiff October 09, 2003

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