Girls with this last name love toes and boys named johnny, that's all
Person 1: ”did you see that kyarah girl”
Person 2: ”see her, she was all up on my toes last night, hitting the gawk gawk 3000 on my pinky toe
Person 1: ”damn, might as well call you johnny”

Alvarado is the term defined as loving johnny and toes
by Kyarah enna sanai alvarado December 20, 2019
Alvarado tango is a special sexual position, which can be executed when a man who is standing on his hands has sexual intercourse with a bent female partner.
I just pulled an Alvarado Tango.

Alvarado tango is the hardest position in contemporary Kamasutra to execute.
by alvaradotango1 March 19, 2009
Manager at Seaboard Foods and Dad of 7
Here comes El Patrón Iván Alvarado con su ID de seaboard foods, te va mamar
by Iván Alvarado February 5, 2021
Slang for blow, coke, snow, powder. More specifically from a Mexican
Lemme get a T of the Alvarado special “
by Cjashocka August 26, 2021
A gay kid that want to butt fuck his friends
Dont be an Anthony Alvarado just dont
by Gamerbot123 July 23, 2020
He is Zaddy I just want to cum in him he’s so cute. He’s not toxic has a fat shlong and likes sprite like a qt
by Zaddy rookieyt November 3, 2021