Spanish slang. To suck. Often sed as reference to a blowjob.
A eya le gusta mamar la verga.
by sandSStorm May 24, 2005
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(n.) mamarate—a southern form of offensive martial arts, developed and practiced by mothers, that uses both bare hands and any surrounding object that can be used as a weapon to inflict intentional pain, misery, and/or death. Any circumstance in which an angry mother (see also Mama bear) physically attacks another person, especially as a form of justice for hurting one of her kids, can be characterized as mamarate. In mamarate, rules fly out the window. Due to the surprise, vicious nature of the attacking mother, mamarate is a very dangerous form of fighting. Often times, the attacker becomes so angry, she will black out and not even remember killing a bitch. Bystanders are advised to run and hide if they see someone using mamarate on another person. Though it mostly occurs randomly, the fatal and more heavily gruesome attacks are usually carefully calculated for an embarrassing death and double victory of sorts. Not only is it almost certain fatalities will be discovered missing genitals, it is widely rumored the missing genitals will be saved and later used in an attack on another enemy of the mother.
Mess with one of my kids and see if I don’t open up a can of mamarate on dat ass! I promise you’ll be sipping soup in a hospital bed through your last two teeth. Bitch.
by Btwitsjennifer June 06, 2018
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When someone wants to make waste your time.
Colombian Person: Deja de mamar gallo.

Stop wasting my time!
by ColombianSlangs September 07, 2021
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