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a boy who assists a clergy(priest) member in a church. They seem to be constanly molested by the priests.
Priest: Where is alter boy Joseph
Nun: I think he went to pray in the church.
Priest: Really, i shall join him
(enter suspensful music)
by Jessica Todero October 17, 2007
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One who aids the clergy in their rituals, by bringing certain items to the table, or carrying the book for them to read. Of recent years, altergirls have been allowed as well.

Despite what everyone says, alterboys are just there to help, as one priest cannot do everything himself. Sometimes there may be a deacon to help when no alterboys are present, but this is not always the case. An astounding 0 reports, suspicions, and accusations combined of alterboy molestation have come to pass in my Church's history.
Considering I WAS an alterboy for two years and was not once molested, I think I'm well experienced to say so.
by Kenthar November 11, 2003
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