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german 4 "dude",
slang apellation
ick muss dir wat erzäln, alter!
(gotta tell ya sumthin, dude!)
by theRo November 12, 2005

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1)slang term for a very large bass.
2)criminal rating in "GTA San Andreas" (30,000 - 39,999 points)
you eat like a hawg!
by theRo September 27, 2005

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getting smacked with a computer keyboard
dude, me was getting qwertyed me yersterday, 'cause i cheated on a LAN
by theRo December 13, 2005

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german, shortened 4 "guckst du (kuckst de)"
translatable wit "Do you look" or rather "Are you lookin'"
kuxe TV Total heut abend?
( You lookin' TV Total 2n8? )
by theRo October 26, 2005

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MTC=empty seat
(trivial..i know ;) )
look over there!..an MTC !
by theRo November 12, 2005

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Having arisen from the adjective: 'ruthless': of 14th century Germanic origin to describe the lawless backwoodsmen infamous for lurking the fringes of Germanic forest land and hitting up the hallucinogenic ye olde fungi of the Black Forest, 'ruth' can be considered the shortened version of this same word with a similar meaning. It can be used particularly effectively as a pronoun in place of one's official birth name if they are displaying characteristics including but not limited to: taking a fuck load of pills, drinking a fuck load of spirits or doing a fuck load of fucking.
Gretel: Sheisse Viktor could you be any more ruth?
Viktor: honestly, nein

Jonny: fucking christ aye look at that ruth slut dance
by thero January 21, 2013

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